Rippers Resurrected: Collateral Evil

Alcock's journal 5

Flames in Paris

Meeting with the Rosicrucians did not went well.

We had barely started the negotiations when latin spoking terrorists attacked the building targeting us – the rippers – and Rosicrucians. These fanatics detonated two bombs on opposite sides of the restaurant. The Rosicrucian leader died immediately and others – including our priest – were injured, some badly.

On the bright side, I finally had an excellent opportunity to test my titanic ray in action. I was slightly disappointed: the cutting power needs to be readjusted. The damage was not as critical as it should. Maybe if I gently overdrive the battery, calibrate fluorine input and twist krypton nozzle to sharper angle… still the arc must sit tight… I could use quartz?

We managed to fend off the intruders but problems did not stop there. The museum was under attack as well. I stayed with mr. Hodge and father Callahan to help everyone we could while sir Vincent and Jacob hurried to the museum. Logan had vanished and Callahan went to look him.

Logan had been shot to the head. Without any modifications he had been dead for sure. Now he was “only” critically injured. We transported him to Notre Dame and waited the others.

First came Patrick. Apparently he had been helping in the museum. He brought a small chest containing mixed papers and notes. Our Egyptian loremasters did not quite understood the entirety of texts. While we were pondering Patrick surprised us all. He saw the connection between papers and drawings. Maybe he isn’t so dimwitted as I previously thought. The key was the obelisks that are placed around the world. They work as a some kind of a shield against an ancient demon god Apep.

At this moment the obelisk in Paris was blown up. My hand is still shaking a bit. Only two are left: one in London and other in New York. If the obelisks fall – may the God save us all.


Havu Petri

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