Dawn of a New Age

In 1903, the Rippers stand in an unprecedented era of peace; ultimate success is almost at hand as the Cabal teeters on the brink of final annihilation. The Rippers have re-dedicated themselves to finishing the secret war, determined that the struggle should end within the beginning of 20th Century and that the new age should begin with renewed hope.
With every success the Rippers are emboldened and the Cabal threatens to disintegrate once and for all as the remaining monsters and villains fend desperately for themselves.
The horrors that remain at large know and fear the Rippers and know the organization intends to hunt them to the very ends of the earth.
The organization can know no rest until the evil is eradicated. These monsters are at their most dangerous now, but the odds are against them. For the first time, because of this knowledge, the monsters know what it is to feel fear. To be hunted. It is only a matter of time.
The Rippers are out there. They are coming.

Rippers Resurrected: Collateral Evil

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