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From the organization’s inception, the ability to tear supernatural power from the creatures of darkness and use it against them has been the Rippers’ greatest asset and its biggest liability. Until recently, the subject of rippertech was the single most controversial topic within the organization, with attitudes to its acceptability and use divided clearly into two camps.
Van Helsing and many of the religious or spiritual members were resolutely opposed to the proliferation of rippertech. Van Helsing said he had seen too many valiant souls lost to the torment inherent in taking that which is monstrous into one’s own body.
Many other Rippers viewed rippertech differently, though. They saw the power of a werewolf or vampire and knew they were no match for such supernatural ability. Rippertech, they argued, offered the opportunity to even the odds and take on the minions of the Cabal on level terms.
Eventually a compromise was reached and codified in the Vienna Accords. The new consensus was that magic—not rippertech itself—was the problem, and it was felt that banning its use made rippertech more stable and less dangerous.
Certainly many of the earlier side effects associated with rippertech implants have been overcome through additional research and refinement of the processes involved. As a result, a certain amount of rippertech is now considered standard among the organization. The rippertech enhancements below are such items, whose method of creation is well documented.

What is required?

A willing participant, a soul so brave he/she is ready to damn his own soul to eternal damnation to fight evil here on earth. believe it or not that was the easy part. Next you have to find how you actually want to enhance your own body and finding a doctor with enough expertise and hard enough stomach to do rippertech instalment.


When you know what you want you have to find, track and hunt down monster which you want to stuff pieces in to your own flesh. Extracting parts of monsters is called ripping. Though living specimens are less than willing to co-operate and dead creatures are also possible targets. Living creatures are always preferable.


After Ripping you have only few hours at best to implant taken parts. Something about monsters physique makes them decompose fairly quickly after death. Rippertech can be opted towards fairly safer though momentary boost in form of extracts where monsters essence is bottled for later use or in permanent solution in form of implants.
Like any good medical procedure implanting or removing rippertech isn’t without its risks and medical operation of this caliber requires specific lab.

Going Too Far
With great power comes great responsibility. Rippertech can boost users physical and mental abilities well past that of normal men, but it’s like burning candle from both ends and if you burn your mind too feverishly it will leave permanent marks on once psyche or even leave subject to brain dead state of blood lust and rampage.

New Tech

When gains overweight risks people are willing to dabble. New tech is in constant research. With enough information on monsters anything is possible and Lodge with proper library allows Rippers to investigate new possibilities.
Soon as research is ready it’s time to create prototype. If Prototype works only sky is the limit and replication process can begin.

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