Ripper Factions


Frazer’s Fighters: A loose confederation of mercenaries, explorers, and archeologists, led by the famous tomb raider Allen Frazer. The faction operates out of a single manor in Cairo and tends to limit its activities to the Middle East and Africa. By and large, the faction has little time for any political intrigue and stays out of disputes with other factions. They are more concerned with a recent resurgence of Cabal activity in Egypt and the surrounding areas. Members must know an ancient Middle Eastern tongue—such as Aramaic, Babylonian, Egyptian, or Persian—to join.

Masked Crusaders: A league of crimefighters and monster hunters nominally led by the gadgeteer hero known as “the Yankee.” These colorful characters tend to be found more often in cities, where their secret identities protect their position in society. Other famous members include the demonically themed “Spring-Heeled Jack,” and the acrobatic heroine who calls herself “the Suffragette.”

Old Worlders: A motley band of mad scientists, woodsmen, and werewolf hunters—the Wolfen Jaeger—who frequent the dark forests and mountains of Eastern Europe. The Old Worlders are led by one of the most famous elder Rippers, Jonathan Harker, who fought Dracula, survived, and now lives in London. In internal affairs, the Old Worlders are pragmatic and traditional, resisting change and relying on tried and tested solutions. They were against the removal of the Rosicrucians, feeling that any ally who fought against evil should not be cast aside. A hero must know a European language to become an Old Worlder.

Order of St. George: A secret society of priests, monks, nuns, and monastic knights drawn from different religions and denominations and based in churches and cathedrals around the world. The Order forbids the use of rippertech but it gives its members access to numerous holy relics. The Order was instrumental in breaking with the Rosicrucians and continues to lobby for the Rippers to renounce the use of rippertech altogether. Its most famous member is a grizzled Irish priest named Father McBane of Dublin. A hero must know Latin to join the Order of St. George.

Rosicrucians: Though currently disbanded, these alchemists, wizards, and astrologists were founded by Dr. Jack. It was the Rosicrucians who first invented rippertech, then later disavowed it.

Slayers: A group of vampire slayers and the core of the organization. Once Dr. Abraham Van Helsing led the slayers personally, but following his and his adopted son Johann’s deaths, leadership of the faction and of the Rippers as a whole has passed to Mina Harker. Mina finds her time is devoted primarily to organization and training and so rarely ventures into the field. The American slayer, Tara LaGrange, heads most expeditions. Relations between the two women are said to be chilly.

Witch Hunters: A fanatical group dedicated to hunting down and destroying witches, Satanists, and other evil magicians. They joined forces with the Order of St. George to remove the Rosicrucians and are among the most vigilant in rooting out Rippers who dabble in magic. Witch Hunters tend to be fervently religious and favor fighting monsters by normal means—and up close—rather than resorting to rippertech. Foremost among them is veteran witch hunter Serious Chapel, who leads the faction with righteous fury and encourages others to follow his example. Chapel is a wanderer and has no permanent residence, though some say he has a family estate in Devon, England.

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Ripper Factions

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