Rippers Resurrected: Collateral Evil

Patrick's ventures: Part 3
Hit and run!

I don’t get confused. If someone point me the enemy, I go and deal with it.

So the situation was this: random people were shot by another people. We took the underdogs’ side.

Sneaking is slow and everything happened bloody fast. The priest summoned an angelic warrior, the German turned invisible and shot some bad darkness shite, lodge master went full berserk, mr. Fancy Pants blasted heads with his rifle, the negro played with the mad man’s explosives… the time I got close a bad guy, the tosser was the only one alive—before he got smashed to my fist.

That’s what I do. I hit things. Hard.

Next we heard long and loud howling and a bloody huge manwolfs emerged. One of the good guys we saved shout something in gibberish. I tried to ask several times what the fuck, until someone nicely told me that those werewolf could only be killed with silver. I don’t have silver on my fist – yet – so I grabbed a knife of sort from the bodies.

Now I had a weapon and I charged the nearest beast. Werewolf or not—it dropped after the first blow. Maybe silver had something to do with that—or I just hit it fucking hard.

The next beast was a little further so I plunged myself at it. Again, I hit hard. The fucker expired immediately. And they claim that werewolfs are mean fuckers. Bollocks! I have fought meaner negros than those puppies. At least I got some nice trophies.

We ventured forth to castle Poenari but night and darkness caught us and we had to make camp. I took the first watch with the priest. All went well until I saw the devil. I know that I have a fucking limited general knowledge but I know the buggering devil’s carriage when I see one. This was a fight we couldn’t fucking win. We quickly woke the others, camouflaged our carriage and went full stealth in the woods.

Luckily the devil, Dracula, was leaving his castle. A window of a fucking opportunity! We sneaked close the castle Poenari and made a hastily plan: myself, the negro and a random good guy would climb and sneak in to the castle, save damsel in distress and sneak back. Others would draw the attention of the guards with a forest fire on the other side.

Then mr. Fancy Pants the Wanker fell asleep.

Our strike team scaled the wall, sneak through the castle yard and into the dungeon quite easily. There were only a few knobbers on our way—nothing we couldn’t handle. The damsel was a spice one. She thought we were the bad guys and gave me quite a good kick in the head. I think I have never been hit so hard by a fucking lady! I didn’t get any injuries or so but I was really impressed. I think I’m a bit in love!

The forest fire spread fast and gave us a nice cover. We got away nice and smoothy. This was a fucking triumph!

Patrick's ventures: Part 2
Train goes choo choo

New York, London… Other three other obelisks… star of David… Hungary… Poenari Castle… boring, boring… Tibet, India… yada yada yada… Orient express tickets. I’ll need something strong.

Everybody are arguing where to go and what to do next. Apparently we are going to Budapest, but the next train leaves in 12 days. That’s almost two fucking weeks! In this wine sipping frog country! Seriously. I want to get smashed right now. The German is only one who cares to join me. Luckily he knows the language so I can get exactly what I want.

Rule Britannia!
Britannia rule the waves
Britons never, never, never shall be slaves!

Some wankers don’t appreciate my singing. After a while they’ll respect my bloody fists.

Logan is actually quite a good company for a German tosser. But sometimes I have to remind him that Germany is shit of a country. Well, every night. Many times. But we agree that frog ale is shite and wine is for wankers.

Finally the day of department comes! The old geezer wants to exchange compartments with me. So I am bunking with the priest, snob and negro. Fine by me, if I get the top bed. And I did.

I heard the dandy Vincent has some wench in the train. I tried fucking politely to make conversation who she and what is the deal between them. The bugger basically told me to fuck off. Well, I eventually will find out who she is…

The priest really gets my respect. He lend me money for the ticket and gave me all of his drink coupons! Nice! I’ll be sure to toast him many times during this voyage… and surprise: the negro recommended a pretty damn good cocktail. This will be a bloody good trip!

Well what do know! I saw the lovebirds in restaurant. So I introduced myself with my real name to the lady. I really put my blue blood and manners in action. If the tosser Vincent did not know of my heritage, I am sure he does now. It was a fucking pleasure to see the wanker so annoyed. I made sure that I asked all the embarrassing questions with appropriate intensity.

Rest of the voyage went on a bender. Every now and then the demon negro drank with me. He even spoke more than few words at the time. Sometimes full actual sentences.

It fucking rains in Budapest. Mud and rain. I didn’t expect much more. Another shithole.

Budapest lodge is under a bakery. The place looked abandoned so we circled to backdoor and broke in. Bloody hell! I have seen shit but didn’t expect this: The whole fucking place was full of rotting corpses. Under the bakery lies catacombs where the main lodge was located. The stench was fucking awful. We counted 37 corpses – no of them was the person we where looking for – and got one clue: Red Wolf. The name meant bloody nothing to us.

So we contacted headquarters for instructions. Turns out the Red Wolf is a minor lodge in Romania. So that is our next destination.

I think that knobhead Vincent has something against me. He openly talked about a duel. A duel, in 1903! I’m not interested the wanker puffing off his tenuous manhood. But if milord truly wants it, better kill me with the first fucking shot.

Anyway—we travelled in a fucking terrible weather for days. I don’t even know what shithole of a country we are now. Finally we ended up to the Red Wolf. The place was a fucking mess: the whole lodge was basically destroyed, dead bodies everywhere. But luckily we found one survivor. Poor lass was starving and terrified. It turned out that one of the dead was his father. Tough bastard. Died like a true warrior.

We escorted the girl to the nearest city out of the harm’s way. Our next stop will be Poenari Castle. Bloody nice! My fists long for action.

Alcock's journal 5
Flames in Paris

Meeting with the Rosicrucians did not went well.

We had barely started the negotiations when latin spoking terrorists attacked the building targeting us – the rippers – and Rosicrucians. These fanatics detonated two bombs on opposite sides of the restaurant. The Rosicrucian leader died immediately and others – including our priest – were injured, some badly.

On the bright side, I finally had an excellent opportunity to test my titanic ray in action. I was slightly disappointed: the cutting power needs to be readjusted. The damage was not as critical as it should. Maybe if I gently overdrive the battery, calibrate fluorine input and twist krypton nozzle to sharper angle… still the arc must sit tight… I could use quartz?

We managed to fend off the intruders but problems did not stop there. The museum was under attack as well. I stayed with mr. Hodge and father Callahan to help everyone we could while sir Vincent and Jacob hurried to the museum. Logan had vanished and Callahan went to look him.

Logan had been shot to the head. Without any modifications he had been dead for sure. Now he was “only” critically injured. We transported him to Notre Dame and waited the others.

First came Patrick. Apparently he had been helping in the museum. He brought a small chest containing mixed papers and notes. Our Egyptian loremasters did not quite understood the entirety of texts. While we were pondering Patrick surprised us all. He saw the connection between papers and drawings. Maybe he isn’t so dimwitted as I previously thought. The key was the obelisks that are placed around the world. They work as a some kind of a shield against an ancient demon god Apep.

At this moment the obelisk in Paris was blown up. My hand is still shaking a bit. Only two are left: one in London and other in New York. If the obelisks fall – may the God save us all.

Patrick’s Ventures: Part 1
Paris – Nique ta mère!

I cannot understand a bloody thing here in frog-country! Why these French wankers cannot speak a fucking civilised language like English? I mean – bloody hell – English is the crown jewel of all languages, so why not to speak it?

I mostly heard something like Ferme la bouche!, Tu es completement débile, Vous avez le cervau d’un sandwich au fromage or On t’a bercé trop près du mur?blablablaa I say.

What I have heard maybe Nique ta mère! means hello? These frogs tend to greed me that way. Well, I try to use it as much as possible with a couple of fucks and fuckers to give it a nice English tone.

But hey! Wenches are beautiful! The curious thing is, everything they say sounds fucking arousing. Maybe I find someone eager to meet a true English gentleman…

So, I roamed through watering holes and got a little stewed. Frogs like money, I like booze –
a perfect match! Eventually I found myself sleeping in our ripper wagon near some restaurant. Few explosions woke me up but I thought – this is France – and continued sleeping.

That Vincent guy woke me rudely up when he fucking bashed in. I had brought a bloody fine cognac for him and it poured all over. Thanks to my amazing reflexes I managed to save at least a half of the bottle. He was quite agitated – yes, I would be too if my cognac had been all over the floor! – and told we had to hurry to the museum. There was something heinous going on.

I think these wankers think me as some sort of jester – but I am a proud member of the Frazer’s fighters and do not tolerate any tossers fucking with ancient artefacts. I saw some fuckers carrying crates from the museum and acted fast. I jumped of our moving carriage and hide behind the fuckers’ wagon.

Judging by the blablabla-language wankers spoke I came to conclusion that they were criminals. First I sabotaged their wagon. When I was going for a stealthy attack, but Vincent and the negro walked in. They started conversing with the fuckers so I had time to move around them and attack from behind. The first one dropped easily, negro and I finished quickly the others. Bloody nice job!

I moved swiftly inside and managed halfway to stairs when a fucking giant appeared! The bugger hurled a huge crate which I barely dodged. A priceless artefact was destroyed as the crate smashed to the floor. That really sobered me up and I stormed the ogre. It was I mean fucker but I bashed him up rapidly. Ok, the negro helped a bit. Other little wankers were knocked down fast.

One tosser was escaping but I got to hand it – Vincent yelled a damn nice taunt! Shame that the evil fuck was a magician. He raised the giant and hit Vincent with some really bad juju. Fucker got away. Negro beat the giant to it’s second death.

Our negro left with Vincent and I hastily carried the nearly stolen crates back to the museum. I noticed a small chest full of papers, parchments and papyrus. It appeared important so I decided to borrow it.

At Notre Dame I let so called geniuses figure out what the content of the chest signified. To my surprise they didn’t have a fucking clue! So I grasped some diagrams and studied them quickly. I don’t know a single word of bloody Egyptian but I know a fucking layout when I see one. Most of the papers were about obelisks and one of those was located in here Paris. I really mean “was” because shortly after the discovery we heard a big explosion. Bloody. Fucking. Hell.

Alcock's journal 4
An unexpected visit

I think I have finally tackled the lighting problem with my titanic ray. I needed to adjust the wavelength and design a head piece that could switch between invisible cutting beam and visible light. After hours of exposure you still might get sunburns. On the other hand, light is very bright and my battery solution gives a long lighting time.

I was interrupted by some shady carriage that rolled to our courtyard. I did not quite spy who was our quest but after seeing some heavy weaponry decided to stay hidden inside the workshop. Mystery guest did not stay long and I startled when he step on our porch: Mr Talbot! I was able to breathe again when I saw father Callahan unharmed coming after him. I still dared not come out before the heinous company was gone.

In a half way to lodge house I saw a blinding flash coming from the library. My first thought was mr. Talbot had left a bomb. I rushed in and found father Callahan giving a tirade to some bald fellow who introduced himself simply as Patrick. Jacob was bashed up quite badly. The flash was Callahan’s handiwork. It was not difficult to figure out what had happened – only question was why. Turns out Patrick and Jacob had some kind of row in past and this settled it.

It appears mr Talbot came to visit just to deliver a message. Something is going on in Romania in the castle of Poenari. Alas coming to our lodge in bright daylight Talbot declared that he knows where to find us and where to hit us hard.

Mr Hodge received a call from the van Helsing mansion and we got orders to travel to Paris in a few days. We are going to negotiate with Rosicrucians. Rippers will need their help if we are going to survive Jack the Ripper’s resurrection. I’ll bet our priest will be scowling the whole trip.

Back to the workshop! Grenades are surprisingly easy to make, so I produced a few more. Jacob seemed excited when I introduced the explosives for him. I swear I even saw a hint of smile on his stoic face.

Presenting Patrick
Hello wankers!

I’m finally home in dear fucking England! So I hit the bottle and went a bit wild.

After sobering in one of the van Helsing mansion cells I got orders to travel to another bloody lodge. Almost as they didn’t want me hanging around!

So I travelled to this new lodge by the sea. It seems that all the other nutters have also been moved here. Explosions on the field, priest praying loud as fuck, hellish screaming in the middle of nights, fully armed guests… I like it, no love it!

But the best bloody thing happened! That minger demon negro came here! It must have been fucking fate! And I beat the shit out of him! The bugger dropped after few punches. I was just warming up. Hah! I hit so fucking hard that the whole room was blinded! Haha, Patrick is the best! Fuck you all!

And now we are leaving to fucking Paris. Hey strumpets, hookers, prostitutes, Paddy is coming for ye!

War journal of Father Callahan, Part II
Second entry

The stakes are getting higher. Jack the Ripper is back and the Cabal and the Cult of Apep might be working together.

3rd of August, 1903

It’s been almost two weeks since Mr. Hodge foolishly (or perhaps under someone’s control) touched the animal spirit statue. The cleansing of the statue is going well enough and I believe Mr. Hodge is also only partly possessed by the statue spirit anymore. But I cannot falter until the statue has been completely cleansed along with Hodge. The purification process is taking it’s toll on me, I feel increasingly weak after every try, but I cannot give up.

4th of August, 1903

Today we received some very unwelcome guests at the lodge. Morris Talbot somehow found us. If it were up to me, I would have struck him (or it) down where he stood, but the others seemed strangely welcoming towards him. Talbot claimed he only wanted to talk, so we listened what that monster had to say. Apparently, there’s something going on in Poenari Castle in Romania. Something even he was scared about. Something to do with the Cult of Apep. According to him, the Cult is a bigger threat than we realize and may very well threaten the whole world.

A bit later, when Talbot and his lackey’s left the lodge grounds, we were in for another surprise. As we were standing around in the dining room, watching Talbot’s carriage drive away, someone sucker punched Jacob. The attacker was a bald man with a moustache. I remember seeing him around the lodge before, Patrick was his name I think. He and Jacob started trading blows in the dining room. I attempted to put an end to their fight and succeeded in restraining this Patrick. According to him, he and Jacob had some old grudges to settle and now they were even. Frankly, it is almost unthinkable that someone would attack a fellow Ripper and in their own lodge no less. After the situation had been defused. Mr. Hodge had yet another surprise in store for us.

Mrs. Harker had called us. She wanted us to travel to Paris and make contact with the Rosicrusians hiding there and try to bring them back to the fold. Mrs. Harker fears that the Cabal may try to recruit the Rosicrusians to their side. Needless to say, I am strongly against bringing the Rosicrusians back to the Rippers, but I don’t know if we can afford to make them our enemy now that Jack is back. Personally, I wouldn’t mind though if they decided to join the Cabal, we can wipe them both out with a single strike.

We would depart for France on the 7th. After Paris, we planned to head to Romania to check out if Talbot was telling the truth.

6th of August, 1903

A day before we depart, I decided to try to cleanse the statue and Mr. Hodge for one last time. As the sun began to set, me and Mr. Hodge went to the chapel. I placed the cursed statue to the altar and began the purification process. As before, hours went by and nothing seemed to happen. Then, suddenly Mr. Hodge fainted, the braziers went out and a violent wind started howling through the lodges hallways. The statue howled in pain as I exorcised the spirit from this world. I had won, the statue was finally purified.

7th of August, 1903

Early in the morning, we left for London. There we boarded a ship bound for France. Despite the trying purification yesterday, I was feeling better than I had felt in weeks. Mr. Hodge seemed fine too. Same can’t be said about Mr. Logan, who decided it was a good idea to go and touch the purified statue. The amount of holy power that struck back at the man was nearly lethal. Fortunately, Alfred managed to stitch him up a bit. This further solidifies my theory that people with rippertech cannot touch holy artefacts, like I cannot touch cursed items.

It was afternoon when we arrived to the port city of Le Havre. From there on out, we travelled in our own wagons. The wagon ride through the French countryside was uneventful, so I had time to take in the sights. The only interference we experienced during our ride was Patrick, whom we for some reason decided to take along.

Late in the evening, we arrived to Paris. According to our instructions, we were to accommodate ourselves in a local Witch Hunter lodge. The lodge was located in the magnificent cathedral of Notre-Dame. I asked around the lodge if they knew anything about this particular group of Rosicrusians we were supposed to meet. Apparently, they were a secretive bunch who mostly kept to themselves and as far as the Witch Hunters knew, hadn’t caused any trouble.

It is getting late and who knows what will happen tomorrow at our meeting so I will retire for the night. The meeting place is supposed to be a restaurant called Champs-Élysées. At least it is a pretty public place, so I doubt the Cabal or the mages dare to try anything, I’d better still be careful and wear at least the tabard I took with me from our reliquary.

Alcock's journal 3
Jack is back

I think it is time to admit that Jack the Ripper has come back from the dead. We encountered him in London. I saw only Jack’s back when he run away with inhuman speed. So how I know it was him? I saw his handy work: Father Callahan had been nearly sliced in half with a single cut. Thank God he survived.

Father Callahan was hospitalised. Myself and the others tried to get grasp of the situation. We investigated the whole scene but got only a list of random names. We regrouped at the Helsing manor and figured what to do next.

During the fight Logan had seen a snake tattoo in Jack’s neck. It turned out a symbol of ancient Egyptian god or demon Apep. We must investigate this further.

The next day father Callahan was magically healed and claimed that he had a conversation with mr. Talbot who apparently left a magic pouch to him. It sounded like morphine dream – but on the other hand – the healing process was miraculously quick. Well, he is a holy man.

We decided to return to our lodge and prepare for the future. In my opinion we needed more firepower and I started to design high explosive grenades.

Doing science in this lodge is not easy. I was continually disrupted either by father Callahan, servants or mr. Hodge. At some point father Callahan found mr. Hodge unconscious holding the cursed figure. Yes, this is how retarded these people are! I had to help carry mr. Hodge to upstairs were father Callahan tried to revive him. Mr Hodge’s eyes seemed badly damaged.

Next time I went to see them I found mr. Hodges tied to a bed half naked and father Callahan yelling at him – and maybe beating him? I assumed that they needed privacy so I left and asked dear Rose to fetch them some tea.

After that I had to move my experiments to workshop outside. Father Callahan’s chanting in the chapel was driving me crazy. Mr. Hodge and father Callahan have spend days in there.
Sometimes the chapel strangely heats up so I have to readjust the temperature controls for the cold storage.

At the workshop I had good success with the explosives. The basic principle for grenade is fairly simple: a timed detonator with explosives. My design was a pull cord that runs down the hollow handle from the detonator within the explosive head, ending in a porcelain ball hold in place by a detachable base closing cap. To use the grenade, the base cap has to be unscrewed, so the ball and cord fall out. Pulling the cord drags a roughened steel rod through the igniter, causing it to spark which starts the five-second fuse. Rest is simple: throw the grenade and cover yourself.

Few of these lovely bombs are ready. If I can get more materials I think can make much more!

Alcock's journal 2
Gruesome deaths

How can a man make science if he is constantly being interrupted with menial things? My dear fellows were stuck with their investigation of some angry spirits killing corpulent men in the evenings. I suggested that they should look someone wealthy and influential how matches the profile.

Well, long story short: we found the man and his child had a cursed statue in his possession. While sir Lockwood was distracting the man, I removed the statue from the house. After that we took the statue to our lodge. Father Callahan prayed quite long

I almost forgot: We got reinforcement from Germany: an ugly bastard with nasty habits. Seems quite bright though. Helped me with my titanic ray umbrella modification.

Just when I hoped to get back to do something meaningful – bunch of police officers arrested us and took us back to London. Their interrogation was purposeless and – after wasting few hours – we were escorted to the latest Jack the Ripper scene. The gruesome murder victim was no other than sir Jonathan Harker.

The murderer might had lured sir Harker to the alley with a note that had mine and my fellows names on it. I am not sure if a man with his status would had fallen for such easy trick. Nevertheless after investigation I immediately traveled to lady Harker with grave news. Death of sir Harker was a terrible blow all rippers but to his wife… only those who have lost their spouses can truly understand the deepness of the grief.

Shortly after we got news about a second killing. This time the victim was a very old woman. Couple of things got our attention: she had been killed with surgical precision and some intestines were removed. She was a daughter of Frankenstein. Again Frankenstein! This cannot be a coincidence!

After investigating victims house we were a bit confused. Killing seemed totally random. If the woman were not related to Frankenstein, this would be classified just an act of a madman.

My conclusion is that there must be at least two different killers on the loose…

Alcock's notes part 2
Titanic ray

After the encounter with vampires and other shadow beings I started to design some sort of light that could injure them. As we know, the vampires are injured in daylight. But it is not the light itself that injures them – because normal artificial light sources do not hurt them. There is something more in daylight.

When studying the matter I concluded that the answer lies in the chemical rays – also known as titanic rays. The titanic rays are most potent at 250 nm – the effect of rays on sterilising bacteria has been known for decades. So re-designing and tweaking a mercury-vapor gas discharge lamp should give some interesting results…

By mixing and stimulating different gasses with electricity and applying high pressure I managed to get sharp beam of light. Krypton and fluorine gasses gives the best result – although the beam itself is mostly invisible for human eyes.

In theory: if I overload and alter the beam’s coherence length, it should have interesting cutting abilities!

In my opinion, the hardest part of this experiment is to create appropriate goggles and other protective gear. The light is harmful to all living things and the most dangerous part is what you cannot see. I experimented with some rats from the basement. Even a short exposure to rays caused serious sunburns. I have to tweak the ray so it is not dangerous all the time. Otherwise it is useless as a light source.

The power source is much easier task. I had previous plans about a rechargeable battery that uses nickel and cadmium electrodes in a potassium hydroxide solution. It will give enough charges for fighting purposes.

…After careful consideration I have concluded that the lighting ability has to be suppressed for now. It is too hazardous for me and my fellow companions. I have to redesign the entire headpiece for that…



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