Rippers Resurrected: Collateral Evil

Part 6, Takes from the Journal of John Hodge
Cabal is back

Only me and Father Callahan heard noises downstairs. We moved down to investigate.

Noises came from the drawing room and in the dining room. Talking and searching with fast pace. It was dark so I went to the coat room to switch the lights on. There was also a door to servant quarters so I decide to look that one. There was this hallway full of cultists and shadow hounds. Cabal…

Alcock was in good position to use his freeze thing so I moved back and let him do the trick. As I moved away from his line of sight a shadowy bolt fly towards him. Alcock took a hit but for a fast look he was okay. Same time I heard some struggle coming from upstairs. Callahan and Lockwood were on the drawing room and Alcock got a good sight on the hallway so I ran up stairs. I was a bit too late. They were already dragging two of the guests back to downstairs in the another side of the building. Politician and Sir William was my guess. Their leader swoop shadows from the fall and throw a smoke screen between us. I tried to taunt him “Real man would fight face to face”. Bastard didn’t care. I was in a rush back to downstairs so I took a short cut. Over the railing back to the stairs and quickly to the drawing room.

Father Callahan was fighting with his holy champions and Sir Vincent was down on the ground. I ran to him and took his sword cane on my another hand and started to slay these cultists. When cultists were down Callahan ran to the dining room and told me to check Sir Vincent. He was unconscious but alive. He had take some hit. Two of the daggers was still on his chest. In rage I ran to the hallway. Cultists and their leader was heading outside already so I ran after them. At the end of the hallway cultist had broke a window so I jumped out. As I landed on the ground I killed one of the cultist there. Other cultists and their leader was far away. Luckily they carried two persons with them and Jacob was there to slow them down so I was able to catch them. Their leader ran in to the maze with one of his hounds. We were not able to catch him. Maybe next time. Also one of the cultist killed politician so I returned the favor. I but both of the swords on his throat and sliced his veins open.

We went back inside and started to clean up. Other guests had woken up so we needed to clear some bodies around the building. Police were on their way to here so we didn’t have much time. I tied up two of the cultist that were still alive and started to question them. They spoke some kind of Arabian language and Alcock told me that they were some kind of under humans that Cabal uses and had corrupted their minds. I was ready to give them to the police but Alcock told me it was best to kill them right here and just give the bodies. On a rush I told him to do it.

I found murder weapon that was used to kill Chief supervisor which started all this investigation. We told the police that these cultists (not exact words) were behind of that murder and later they broke in to do robbery and to kidnap Sir William. We tried to stop them but they attacked us so we defend ourselfs. They also kidnapped that Politician and killed him when we tried to rescue him.

Hopefully this showed Sir William what we do and he is ready to start support our cause. He seemed pleased so hopefully our mission was success.

War journal of Father Callahan
First entry

As the Cabal rears its ugly head once more, I have decided to start writing a journal to chronicle our efforts in the war against the forces of darkness.

19th of June, 1903

By the order of Mrs. Harker, we were sent to Dorset. Our mission was to recruit a man known as Sir William Bankes to the Rippers. Apparently Sir William was somewhat of an adventurer and an amateur archaeologist. In addition, his financial backing of the Rippers could be substantial. Sir William had contacted our organization, expressing his interest in joining, so Mrs. Harker decided to sent us (Sir Vincent, Jacob, Mr. Hodge. Mr. Alcock and myself) to convince him to join.

We left London by train and come evening of the same day we arrived in Dorset. A wagon was waiting for us to take us to Sir William’s country estate, called Kingston Lacy. However, we were not the only guests Sir William had invited. He had thrown together a small weekend gathering, featuring some of most notable persons in Dorset. Present were colonel Armstrong Prothero, Chief Superintended Maxwell Puget of the Dorset Constabulary, Enrico Gambuccini, an Italian art collector, Jonathan Jellicoe, an up-and-coming politician and Omar Muhammed, an archaeologist from the University of Cairo.

The Friday evening was pleasant enough, we enjoyed a small supper so everyone had plenty time to get to know each other. I conversed a little with the other guests, trying to gauge their character. Most of them seemed harmless enough, but Mr. Mohammed was extremely skittish for some reason. Later that evening, we had a talk with Sir William about the Rippers. I explained to him what our organization was trying to achieve and what a life as a Ripper would entail. This didn’t seem to deter him from wanting to join. After our little talk, I retired for the evening.

20th of June, 1903

The most of Saturday was spent touring the mansion and its grounds and having dinner in the water gardens. Sir William had an ancient obelisk made out of black stone decorating the centre of his hedge maze. He told me that he had brought it over from Egypt. Originally it was a part of some heathen gods temple. As I mentioned before, around noon we had dinner in the water gardens. Unfortunately, things were about to take a turn for the worse.

After the dinner, we heard commotion coming from the mansion. We rushed to investigate and soon found Maxwell Puget brutally murdered in Mr. Gambuccini’s room. The Chief Superintendent was laying face down in a pool of his own blood. It appeared that he had been struck in the back of his head with a heavy, blunt object. Mr. Gambuccini was the first to discover the body, and for a while all the evidence pointed that he was also the murderer. But the evidence was a little too obvious and after a short interrogation, we came to believe that he had no reason to murder Mr. Puget. When Sir William learned what had transpired, he collected the other guests to the Game Room and tasked us with finding the murderer.

Initial investigations yielded nothing of value. No one really had a motive for the murder or they had a waterproof alibi. On top of all this, the murder weapon was missing. We assumed that it was a marble bust that was missing from a table in the second floor hallway. As we delved deeper in to the mystery, we found out that the murder took place in a lavatory right next to the Italian’s room and that someone carried the body of Mr. Puget back to Mr. Gambuccini’s room. It is most likely that whoever killed Mr. Puget, jumped him from behind in the bathroom and struck him in the head. Other evidence that we discovered during our investigation was a large, bloodstained shirt stuffed down a vase and Mr. Gambuccini’s bloodied shoes, thrown off of the balcony.

It was almost midnight and the other guests had already retreated back to their rooms after we had questioned them, when we heard the sound of glass shattering from downstairs.

20th/21st of June, 1903

The Cabal is here. They sent their disgusting proto-humans to kidnap Sir William and Mr. Jellicoe. But why, that I do not know. They attacked the mansion en masse, accompanied by shadowbeasts and led by a some kind of a cult leader. First, they knocked out Jacob, who was investigating the yard as they arrived. They sneaked in to the mansion, thinking everyone was asleep. Oh how wrong they were. We struck back with righteous fury, but unfortunately Sir Vincent was gravely wounded by the attackers. I barely managed to save him. As we drove the Cabal forces out in to the courtyard, they retreated towards the hedge maze with their hostages. Before we could dispatch all of the proto-humans, they murdered Mr. Jellicoe out of desperation.

Jacob, who had regained consciousness a moment earlier joined us in battle as we struck down the remaining Cabal minions. The cult leader, however, fled to the hedge maze under the cover of smoke. Moments later, an explosion shook the ground. The cult leader had blown himself up, along with the black obelisk. Then, everything was quiet again.

Shortly after the battle, the police were called. Two of the proto-humans were captured alive, but Alcock and Hodge couldn’t get anything useful out of them, so they were dispatched before the police arrived. Jacob escorted Sir Vincent to a hospital, as his wounds were still serious even though I had managed to keep him alive for now. When the police arrived, they naturally questioned everyone on the scene. I told them that the intruders had murdered Mr. Puget during the day in preparation for their nightly assault and that the main objective of these attackers seemed to be Sir William and Mr. Jellicoe.

That’s what I believed at the time. But lately, the case has been weighing in my mind. It is now obvious that the Cabal had someone on the inside, perhaps one of the servants, who committed the murder. But why? What was their real objective? Why did they destroy the obelisk? I am afraid that these are questions that will remain unanswered for now. Also, the near constant jumpiness of Mr. Muhammed was odd. It was like he was afraid of something. Perhaps he was the Cabal insider and was afraid that someone would recognize him. Perhaps Mr. Puget did know who he was and was murdered for that. The proto-humans did speak Arabic and Mr. Muhammed was from Cairo…

Though this is purely speculation (for now) it is good to keep it in mind.

Father Callahan

Report 2: Mr Bankes
Recipient: lady Harker / top secret

First things first: We recruited William Bankes successfully as intended.

There were some complications.

In the first evening a high ranking police officer was murdered. Mr Bankes asked us to investigate the murder. In my opinion this was a mundane trivial matter because the murderer tried obviously frame another guest.

While we were investigating, the manor was attacked by – I dare to say – cabal forces.

Attackers were trying to kidnap mr Bankes and his politician guest for reasons unknown. Without us the attackers surely would have succeeded.

The rogue band’s leader was some kind of a dark magician who had conjured shadow hounds by his side. His or hers henchmen were protohuman troglodytes. Disgusting things!

It was a perfect time to test my newest invention which I humbly call “Alcock’s Magnificent Glacial Chiller”. It is a quite amazing contraption if I may say so! I have to demonstrate it’s capabilities some day. I am sure that you will be fascinated.

The encounter was the most dangerous one I have faced in a long time. The magician hit me with some dark energy. My left arm is still numb and occasionally shaking from the impact. Without father Callahan’s help I might be hospitalized at the moment.

Also sir Lockwood injured badly – very badly I might say. When I saw him later, I thought he was deceased – I think all of us did. But father Callahan apparently had produced some kind of a miracle which saved the noble fighter’s life.

In the end magician got away and blowed up mr Bankes Egyptian obelisk. Why the ancient artifact was destroyed – I do not know. At this point there is no logical explanation.

Mr Hodges and I tried to interrogate few survived troglodytes without a luck. I studied the creatures quickly: Their skull features and bone structure clearly pointed to some early stage of human evolution. After hearing their incomprehensible babbling I could tell that their level of reasoning was only a little over animal intelligence. Conclusion: I exterminated them without hesitation. These creatures were not intended for the eyes of the common folk.

We tried to clean up the scene before the police came. Their petty little minds could not even begin to comprehend what really had happened here. They asked some trivial questions about the murder and the kidnapping attempt. I quickly deduced that the attack had no link with the murder – but it was still the easiest explanation. So the real murderer got an easy way out. My educated guess is that the murder was a result of some sort of local feud.

The biggest questions in my opinion are:

  • Who the magician was?
  • Why he/she wanted to kidnap mr Bankes and polician?
  • Why he/she destroyed the obelisk?
Part 5, Takes from the Journal of John Hodge
A murder you say?

I had to leave in the concert early because Joshua got some seizures. I talked a long while for this Mr. Talbot. He owns some shipyards and seems like a businessman I could do some deals in the future.

I was almost in a sleep when I heard knocking on the door. I went to see who is there and it was Father Callahan. He told me that everything is not what it seems and Mr. Talbot knew that we where at the Dover. He owns the mansion and was very aware who lived there. He has also told us that if we do anything hesitated it would be a shame if civilians got hurt. I tried to convince my parents to move to the lodge for awhile but they prefer to stay here in London. Just in case I hired some guards near their shop.

We did some research about Mr. Talbot and seems like he has just rise his empire from nothing very quickly. He owns some shipyard and steel factories and sells steel for the Crown. He also owns some land in Dover and some logistic companies. Others were pretty sure that he got some rippertech in him as well. Some of us had spotted surgical scars on him. But they were very well hidden or very well made. Almost like a Dr. Frankenstein himself had but him together.

We planned to do nothing hesitated and Mina Harker got us a mission. We had to go to Dorset to convince William Banks to start funding rippers. We had some downtime before that and that time was a interesting one…

This girl Rose that I hired as a maid in the lodge was working to Sir Vincent. She knew about rippers and well she could be working on the lodge just fine. Sir Vincent didn’t think that though. He tried to convince Rose to come back to work for him at his own new estate. Well, we both told Rose that this is her own decision but she decided to stay in the lodge for now. She wished me to get more workers there so she could have some company while I’m gone. I tried to ask Sir Vincent to give some input for out lodge but all he could offer me is to just get workers that I had to pay for my own pocket…
His input for the lodge is near to nothing and I’m really starting to think that maybe he is not right person to be on our team. All he cares about is his status and that he is comfortable. Me, Father Callahan, Jacob, Joshua or Mr. Alcock could make a really good team and good lodge for others to join but this pretentious snob that couldn’t care less about our efforts is just pain in the ass. I’m trying my hardest here to start what we planned a long time ago, but simply we could really use another benefactor for this cause.
I really used to admire Sir Vincent a while back. And he has taught me a lot. Where did that man go, who was ready to get his hands dirty and lead us? Maybe it is time for me to start filling those boots and he could be our face and motivator.

We arrived to the Kingston Layce estate. Our mission was to convince Sir William Banks to start funding rippers. We all needed some other excuse to be here though. There were other guests as well. We spend some time, socialized and talked about business. At one point Sir William took us to the side to talk about rippers and what we do. Father Callahan and Sir Vincent told the good things. If that wasn’t enough I saw that Jacob had something to say as well and I was ready to back him up about the ugly side of our organization. Gladly we didn’t have to go for that.

On the next day after lunch we heard some noise coming from the front door. Something had happened and yeah. A Murder… We found chief supervisor of the Dorset police dead in the room. Not his own though. We started to investigate, while Sir Vincent tried to keep other guests calm and maybe to create some profiles about them. Jacob hide himself to be one of the servants here. After a long while we had some evidence to make a case out of it. He was murdered in the bathroom with a two hits from behind at the head with a blunt objective. Most likely old Egyptian statue that was missing on the hallway. Then he was dragged to the room and left there. There were shoe prints on the blood but no blood tracks from them so that was staged. Then murdered went to the bathroom to clear the blood from there as best as he could and then he dumped his shirt on the vase in the corridor. We were clueless who the murdered what. Italian guy wasn’t even though the corpse was in his room. As we think who the murder was we heard multiple windows crashing down stairs…

Alcock's notes
Alcock's Magnificent Glacial Chiller

Various formulas and math markings

Viorel Lungu’s work with gasses is astonishing! But I think I can do even better.


I have to move my work to another the lodge. This travelling interrupts badly my tests!

Finally some peace.


…By combining various gasses I can instant freeze practically anything! Only problem is these gasses are volatile and fairly toxic…

I have succeeded with the insulation and triggering mechanism. Now I have to make sure the tank does not blow up…

Rooms temperature is freezing. I have to keep some heat source here even if it is dangerous.


Seems like the others do not appreciate that I turned my room upstairs into cold storage. They insisted that I move my laboratory in the cellar. They clearly do not understand how important ventilation is if they want to stay alive.

Luckily mr Jakob is willing to help moving my research materials to cellar. We got an invitation to London so making laboratory safe will have to wait. I hope nobody wanders there while I am gone.


Part 4, Takes from the Journal of John Hodge
Business, High society, Future

We got back from Dover and it was time for me to start doing something about expenses that lodge gives me. Our benefactor Mr. Pierce could cover it all, but as I live there I feel like I had to do my part for it. So I asked him about some business things and I met a lot of people. Day full of meeting, dinners you name it. I thought being a slayer could be a hard one but doing business and trying to get yourself into the high society that is one hell of a bite.

Anyways I met this new business owner Barnaby Chepstow who was looking investors for his shipyard, Newhaven ltd. It seems like a thing I could do to earn some money and maybe to boost up my status. I never thought that I could get this far in my life. I was an orphan on the streets. And now I’m investing 40£ to a business and I own some property. All this is very new to me and as Sir Vincent has taught me that there is no room for errors here. Smallest mistake could lead up to a scandal that can sabotage everything. But it is a chance and a challenge I have to take.

The boy we found on the Dover was staying with my parents. Well Mina Harker suggested so and it was fine. I think they could get along fine with him. Even though boy has some powers and he is a mystery I think it would be a best. We were also invited to Rossini’s concert. We got named invited to there and like others it was strange. But my mind was somewhere else all the time. Event in Dover was strange by itself. Mr. D was clearly a handwork by Frankenstein. He and Jack the Ripper used to turn serial killers to under their command and Mr. D was just like that. His real name was Wilson Foster, serial killer.

What the hell is happening to this world?

Few years back everything looked bright. Cabal was beaten, Jack the Ripper was killed and evil presence was not that strong… Now there is shadow beasts running in the night, those that Cabal used to summon as their guardians. Parts of old experiments are coming back. Vampires attacking travelers. Demons corrupting minds of miners and supernatural beasts eating explorers… And then all this new business and socialite things for me. I might need a vacation at some point. There is just too much going on at the moment…

And what I overheard when I was socialising that it was strange that grown up man like me is not married. So yeah then there is that. Now in all of this I should try to find someone to understand my job just because some of the snobs think so. I do understand some of it, normal people starts a family and high society people wants that everything looks normal. So maybe I should consider that option as well. Well I’m not against to have family. It really would be a fun to have kids. They could easily take my mind off to all of this time to time when I need it most. But family is also a risk. If someone wants to hurt me what is the best thing to hurt someone? Do something to his family… And in my job where there is smart species aswell. Evil men like there just was Mr. D. It is a huge risk for them…

Fuck, I really need to clear my head…

Alcock's journal
Concert and the after party

This mission in Dover left me a bit cautious. The “creature” who we beat was obviously doctor Frankenstein’s handiwork. According to my knowledge Frankenstein has been dead over a decade, so his creation somehow survived all this time, was recently activated… or… no… I cannot even imagine the third option…

After arriving to the Helsing manor the entire group got an audience with the Harkers. The Frankenstein connection made them clearly unease.

After the meeting mr Hodge took the boy with him. I understood that the boy would live with mr Hodge’s mother for a little while. Today’s best decision, I would say!

I scoured the library for any possible clues were doctor Frankenstein’s laboratories might reside – all I did found was some meaningless newspaper articles. And in the Helsing manor should be the best damn library in the whole bloody England!

In the next morning something alarming happened. All who were at the town of Dover got a named invite to Rossini’s concert. I don’t know which was worse: the suspicious invitations or my companions’ negligence.

We were accompanied by sir Lockwood, so he made sure that we all were up to his standards. I have never even touched so expensive clothes – I think that the jacket itself is more expensive than my whole wardrobe – yes, including the wardrobe.

At the concert firstly I encountered our mysterious benefactor, who introduced himself as mr. Talbot. The very same man I heard mentioned in the Dover! I started confabulate with him and tried to catch anything unusual. I had no luck with that.

There was a minor incident: Mr Hodge had come with the boy. Boy had a seizure – of course – and sir Lockwood seemed to be more concerned about his reputation than boy’s health. Well, nothing new there.

After the concert we attended the evening party. After a period of time mr Talbot guided us to the garden. Then he showed his true colors. He was behind the dramatic events in Dover. The mansion was his property and he was funding the gruesome beasts.

When I took a closer look at him… I do not understand how I did not see it before! The man was packed with rippertech. the scars were so masterly faded that I could do only one conclusion: doctor Frankenstein had operated him!

We could not act in the middle of hundreds of people – and he counted on that. I stormed inside to find anything to use as a concealed chemical weapon. It was easy to find detergents and other solutions for the job. With some quick mixing I had an excellent stun powder.

I managed to catch up mr Talbot right before he was leaving. I surreptitiously blowed powder to his face and… he resisted it! That amount of powder should had stunned even a dinosaur! Something heinous must had done to his lungs. That is the only possible explanation…

Part 3, Takes from the Journal of John Hodge

Session 5, Vampires in Dover

Balbardie’s House is starting to look like home. Workers had done wonderful job rebuilding the ruins. Of course facade still needs a new paintjob and some of the rooms are still under construction. Good thing is that Mister Pierce is taking care of the expenses but I’m look into that I could somehow take a part of them as well. Even thou this is going to be our lodge for common cause, this is also going to be my home and it doesn’t feel right to live here without taking part of some of the expenses.
We got invitation from Mina Harker herself to see her at Slayer’s lodge. She might got a mission for us, that was impression I got for the invitation, but can’t be sure.

At the lodge we went there were Mrs. Harker and Mister Gladwin Alcock a fellow slayer. They told that there has been mysterious disappearances road next to town of Dover. This time there were a survivor who had managed to escape. Shock struck me as I saw who walked to the room. My mother… She had been seeing her relatives and she was on her way back home. Whom ever had guts to do this to my mother is going to die as soon as I get my hands on him. She told us what she remembered about the attack and I escorted her back home.

Disappearances and inhuman speed of the creatures strongly pointed towards vampires so I took some garlic with me. Also all of my equipment was at lodge so we departed. Jacob, Sir Vincent and Father Callahan went to the scene and Mister Alcock went with me to get equipment. He also had some information with him about these kind of attacks from before this. I read them through carefully and it was clear that vampires are behind these attacks. This time I readied myself as best as I could. Too many times before I’ve tried to go somewhere without careful planning and investigation. Not this time. I was ready and full of rage.

When I was picking up our equipment there was this girl Rose asking work and were abouts of Sir Vincent. I told him that I’m a lodge master here and she could start cooking for the builders. We can discuss her job description when I return. I think she was maid for Sir Lockwood once. Or I saw her at Sir Vincent’s house once. I don’t know, maybe because our status differences she was asking after Sir Vincent. I have to discuss this with Sir Vincent when the time is right.

On our way to Dover I didn’t sleep at all. All I did was I read information we had about attacks and tried to figure out what did them. At the road we saw Sir Vincent, Father Callahan ja Jacob from the distance and I told our driver to stop and leave us there. On the scene there wasn’t that much clues for us to find. I saw some tracks, but they quickly vanished and they cannot be followed. Dover’s own investigator was there also, and he was curious. Almost too curious how we deal with things.

There were three possible locations where all those travelers have been taken. Old sawmill, Old shipyard and old mansion. As we had considered before with Mister Alcock, it might be possible that these attacks was doings of the nosferatus. They use to lay their nest on old building like shipyards or sawmills. They are also ferals but these kind of coordinated attacks pointed out that there might be master mind behind them, controlling these filthy savage beasts. Shipyard was first place for us to look for them.

Shipyard was abandoned long time ago and Callahan told us that it was lodge for Rosicrucians. He was not happy about it. He looked like he was ready to burn this place and what made him even more angry was the fact that Lockwood family owns this place and they had been giving Rosicrucians their place here. As we walked there I heard noise coming from the dry dock. As I went there I saw a hatch down on the wall. It clearly didn’t belong there and it was probably an escape tunnel from the lodge. We tried to look other ways in, but it was only one. I climbed down there first, followed by father Callahan. Sir Vincent was clearly too busy inspecting damages on his family property and Jacob had to stay there look out for him. Mister Alcock was our supervisor so I didn’t expect him to risk his health, it is understandable.

After a long complicated tunnel we arrived to the lodge. Father Callahan and I started to look around. Place was clearly abandoned, but still those beasts could life here. We both heard a noise coming from this one room and we went after that. Room was dark and empty, but there were many closets that someone could hide. One by one we started to open cabins and then there was this one corner closet left. There we found this little boy who got real scared. Which wasn’t surprise. I was holding my axes ready to attack if someone tried to attack us. I left boy for Father Callahan to be calm down and talked to. He could be one of the nosferatus. I went to a door and started to secure the area, well I just listen. After a while I heard some kind of talking. Almost like an arguing. Boy didn’t say much so we decide that it was best for Father Callahan to escort him back up. I stayed behind in case someone heard us. And I was right.

I saw two nosferatus trying to sneak behind Father Callahan and the boy. “Hey, Here!” I shouted and got their attention. As I attacked them I saw two more behind them. It wouldn’t be a problem to kill them all by myself but one of them dodged my attack and I sunk my other axe to a stone wall. I knew that Father Callahan heard what was happening back here and I just hold these four on their place. After a while Callahan and Jacob ran to help me and we slaughtered these fuckers. For precautions I hit wooden stake to hearth and cut the heads of (you never know). And then tried to remove my axe from the wall.
Jacob and I also secured the whole area for more nosferatus but none of them was left in here.

We went to a hotel for the night. There before I went to sleep I asked about rumor and ghost stories about sawmill and the mansion for the locals. Mansion was more likely to be next place for us. At the morning Callahan and Sir Vincent had some kind of argument about something. I didn’t pay that much attention for it. I just focused my mind for the next, because the master mind for all of these attacks was likely to be at the mansion. Yesterday I forgot one precaution that I surely didn’t forget today. I rubbed some garlic on my neck.

Atmosphere was tense this whole morning between some of us. I don’t know what has happened but seems like there is something between Father Callahan and Sir Vincent. As a lodge master I think I have to talk to them at some point. Now we are on a mission and we just have to get it done. I looked around the house. Main door was boarded also all of the windows. Only way in was this cellar hatch. I opened it and went into a boiler room. Only Jacob followed me. Well two strongest (and wisest) man of this lodge that was enough. As I heard that someone was coming after me I went forward. There was hallway with rooms on one side. Four rooms for total. First room there were crates full of wine bottles filled with blood. Clearly not a good sign. Second room was some kind of laboratory full of tools, jars, jars filled with eyes and cold crate full of body parts. At this time I started to hear banging from upstairs. Seems like other decide it was wise for enter through the main door… Anyways me and Jacob looked into a third room. There were four coffins in there. At this point I whispered for Jacob that lets wait for others. Because if vampires are in those coffins we are going to get overrunned by them.

For a short while we waited and then others went down to a cellar as well. We look it to the room where coffins were and we found out that coffins were empty. Only thing we found was this book. Some kind of diary written with language that none of us couldn’t understand. Oh well somehow the boy could read it. It said something about project Jack and someone named Mr. Sweet. It might need some further investigation later on. No vampires here so we moved back to main floor.

There we heard some noise coming from the dining room. It was pitch black in there but lantern lighted up nicely. There were two people dining there. Mr. D and Mr. Savage. Savage was clearly a vampire and all he did he looked me and licked his lips once in awhile. Mr D other talked with us and didn’t show any threat. At first, after awhile it turned in a fight and four nosferatus dropped down from the sealing. Mr. Savage went after me, even though I had some garlic with me. It had effect on him. I jumped on table to fight with him, I didn’t want to give him a higher ground. He said to me that I smelled like my mother… Rage fill my head and I struck his head straight off… I should have calmed myself. How did he knew it was my mother? And did my mother fight with these beast that she could escape. I don’t know. I have to check her that there is no bite marks or anything… Mr. D also was guilty for attacking all the travelers around here so mission was completed. We checked the saw mill but it was empty. Nothing unusual there.

Report 1
Recipient: Harker / top secret

Here are some notes from past few days I spend with this newly founded lodge.

The first impressions:

The lodge master John Hogde seems like a reasonable man but is a bit rough from the edges.

Father Sean Callahan is a honourable man – no, a warrior – of God. Otherwise hasty and blunt.

Sir Vincent Lockwood and his negro servant Jakob are peculiar fellows. Sir Lockwood is true noble that I can’t argue. Typical overconfidence and politeness are in his blue blood.

But his servant Jacob catches my eye. He is much more intelligent than you might expect. My guess is that he might be the brightest of the group

I got the impression that the master and servant are more roles than reality. But if that gigantic negro would be running free, it might cause more distress in noble ranks than an army of vampires!

The task:

Right after the briefing group divided in two. They did some planning but did not understood that I had all the background information about the cases. Amateurs. I went with mr. Hodge because he is the lodge master. Though he was quite aggravated by the fact that only survivor was his mother, we got a quite good idea what we could be against to. We drove to their lodge to pick up some weapons and equipment.

Their lodge house is currently under renovations but there is potential. The grounds are fairly secure and the house is being reinforced to withstand mayor attacks.

When we arrived to the scene of the incident other lodge member were already there. We met by pure chance… chance!

After few minutes local detective arrived and – in my opinion – was a bit too curious about our investigation. I got rid of him and we could travel to the old shipyard to continue investigations.

It seemed that the old abandoned shipyard was in sir Lockwood family’s property. He was quite shocked about the state of the buildings. I got the impression that he did not know that property was his family’s.

Turns out that shipyard had also been a Rosicrucian lodge. That really fired up our fiery priest. With the help of my keen senses we found the lodges old escape hatch. It was quite difficult to get in my age, so I stayed in watch with sir Lockwood and Jakob while father Callahan and mr. Hodge stumbled in.

After few minutes father Callahan emerged with a child they had found in the tunnel. Jacob descended to get him. Apparently in that exact moment all hell broke loose deeper in the tunnel. Mr. Hodge later reported that four nosferatus had attacked him. They handled the situation quite professionally and they got a lead that we should investigate the abandoned mansion next.

The boy they had found was – to put it mildly – strange. He appeared anemic and under fed. He also got some sort of seizures. I examined him and can say he was not diseased or a vampire. Only somewhat deranged. It seems he did not understood the concept of name.

I noticed that the detective from the town was watching us. He did not try to hunker and we exchanged some words. Again I got rid of him. Man was too interested about our business.

During the travel to town of Dover something insane happened. Father Callahan began to christen the child and named him Joshua. In the carriage! But this was only the start of this madness.

In the evening my excellent senses picked up a fragments of conversation between the detective, some high status lord and possibly reporter. I heard one name that might be important: Morris Talbot.

On the next morning during our breakfast father Callahan started to question the boy. I refuse to call him Joshua, it is absurd. Turns out that the boy can somehow sense the presence of rippertech. And there they were, discussion openly about rippers! As if the situation would not be bad enough the priest starts to question sir Lockwood with boys newly founded power in front of the commoners! Bloody hell! They understood the gravity of the situation a little too late. We made our leave quickly.

The argument carried on in the carriage. Thought it is padded I do not believe that it is very soundproof. Father Callahan’s madness continued – he insisted that we take the boy with us to the mansion. About 12-year-old boy, that we found yesterday evening, to ripper mission! I do not have the words to describe my mental anguish.

When we arrived to the mansion, instead of carefully planning our next move because there might be a higher vampire, mr. Hodge run around the mansion and went to the cellar without any backup. I tried to study the grounds but soon after Jakob also storms in cellar and father Callahan got some sort of frenzy and starts hitting the main door with an axe. I tried to reason him because he obviously did not know that vampires can be awake during the day. So he crashed in. After careful consideration I, sir Lockwood and the boy followed.

We went straight to downstairs were mr Hodge and Jacob waited. There were four coffins, human remains and bottled blood. We were clearly in the right place. They found a notebook written in strange runic language. To everyone’s surprise the boy could read bits of it. Maybe he is not so senseless than I first estimated. I suggested politely that we should burn the mansion down. They did not listened my words of wisdom.

We all went to the ground level and found a vampire and something even more grisly. The gruesome figure commanded us to his table. In my great surprise all the others followed that order. Then I knew it: I had to burn the place down. I went to get some petrol and improvised a few firebombs. After I got back the fighting had started.

No matter how deranged this lodges member are but they surely can fight. After a few seconds most of the enemies were gutted down. Even the boy did some magic attacks. Maybe father Callahan’s intuition was not so bad after all.

I decided to quench the firebombs and primed my Glorious Capturing Device (patent pending) and shot straight hit to one vampire. Though to my great disappointment I later discovered that the vampire was already dead.

The case is solved. Notes about the gruesome figure and higher vampire are enclosed with normal safety procedures.

Yours truly,
G. Alcock

P.S. This lodge has potential. In my opinion I should be monitoring their activities a bit more. Maybe under right guidance they might survive.

Part 2, Takes from the Journal of John Hodge
Kidnapping and real estate markets

Session 3&4, Back in England

We arrived back to England and instantly at the docks we got message from Mr. Pierce, our benefactor, that he had found us spots to start our own lodge. All we had to do is to go check them up. Also Sir Vincent got invitation from Professor Harmsworth that he wants to see us and hear all about our trip to Africa. We planned to go see him after a week.

Back in Africa we skinned Old Leopold and I went to hire a tailor to make me a duster out of his skin. It was expensive but our pay was 100£ (+25 extra from diamonds we gathered for the mines) for the job there. I also gave 15£ to my adoptive parents as well as helped them for the week. I own that to them. Even thou they had no reason at all to take care of me they did…

Week went by and we went to see Professor at the university. There we had dinner and we told him about our trip. Suddenly lights turned off (at this point it could bee good to mention that they had electric lights at the university). Also I and Father Callahan heard glass breaking in another room. So we all, including Professor went to investigate. We found a broken window and some burglars. They started to ran and so did we. We chase them through the rooms and two of them fell out of the window. I grappled one of the burglars and pinned him on group. Others escaped, they jumped off to Thames. When we went back to a room where this all started Professor had disappeared. After questioning one of the burglars he told us that their leader Freddie Marchant was behind all of this and it was supposed to be look a like burglary. They had kidnapped the professor. Then something unpredictable happened and burglar bite off his tongue and he choked to his own blood. Overreacting much?. Well we had a name and some clues that Jacob had snatch from the scene before police arrived.

Clues and good investigation by Jacob led us to Limehouse, to this Chinese game house and opium den. It was our only clue so we had to take the risk. We disguised our self to look more like a rookie gamblers so we could blend in better. There Father Callahan spotted this gaming table with no players on it. People walked there and pressed eye of this dragon statue that opened a door. We all went there and behind that, there was opium den. As host lead us to a booth we overheard a conversation that said; ”Those are the guys from the university”. Group of burglars started to head towards the back door and so did we. There we saw that some of the burglars carried Professor to back door. After a short fight Jacob and I went out and saw carriage leaving. We started to chase it and just as I almost hit the driver they got away. I followed the tracks with Jacob and we found out that tracks leads straight to East – India Trading company docks…

Same information was given to Father Callahan and Sir Vincent back at opium den. They found me in the docks were I had asked local bum about the docks. He said that there were hounds outside at the night. Well the first thought was that they had guard dogs at the docks… Guess again…
We heard gun shots for the distance and then we found carriages at the docks. There were bodies torn to pieces and then we heard howling.

Shadowy hound was up on a crates. Hound that Cabal used to summoning to their aid. Cabal, this thing is getting more and more complex as it goes on. Well it was really hard for all of as to do anything about it. Normal weapons doesn’t do anything for it. Even Father Callahan’s sword didn’t seem to have effect. As my mind swirl around rage I got an idea. I went to a carriage, brush my sword on a lamp oil and lighted it up. It scare the beast for sure, and almost looked like it might have some effect against it but still no. As my eyes started to blur on rage a bright lights stroked down to a beast and it vanished. I calm my mind and we took professor and get quickly out of there. If Company wanted Professor, it would not be the best to show them that we saved him.

Next morning professor woke up and he really was in a rush to get back to see what was stolen. He really wasn’t that worry about his kidnapping. Not at all… I shadowed professor for a while but he saw me.
It was still a mystery why professor was kidnapped. Was it the Cabal? Was is the Company? What else could it be? And why?. Professor was really sure that he is fine. But why? He was just kidnapped and he was been carried to Company Docks. If the Company wants him they could do same thing again another night. Also it was strange that we were there at the same time. Like someone knew that we were there and this all really was just for us. Could it really be that Professor himself was behind all of this and he is part of the Cabal. After all, beast didn’t hurt him, beast really had its chances, it was standing on a professor at the carriages. All he wanted to do is to test what we are capable of??

We started to look out our lodge spots. As we requested that it should be somewhere away from the city Mr. Pierce got us three good ones. Blackwood Manor, Balbardie House and Latimer House.
We started with Balbardie House. Normally when civilians looks to buy real estate they don’t look how easy it is to defend, how close neighbors are etc. Well those where our priorities. Balbardie house was in a bad condition, but it was best for us. We told Mr. Pierce that this is the one and I sing the papers. Seems like I’m a house owner now. There was this small print that buyer had to spent night at the house before it is legal and it needed two witnesses. So we did that, well Jacob, Father Callahan and I. Sir Vincent had to go his fathers funeral, god rest his soul, which he hasn’t told about us.

Evening started well. Then I heard child’s laugh upstairs. I went upstairs with Father Callahan while Jacob looked around outside the house. Callahan shouted that who ever is here, should show up. There is new owner for the house and this is not safe place to being almost a ruin. A little boy showed up. Boy said he was one of the Harnets that used to serve Balbardies when the house was in its full glory. Like the girl Sir Vincent saw on the fields when we first was here. Callahan told the boy that it is better that he goes home. When boy was leaving I asked him was there anyone else. He said that his friends… That really gave me the creeps already. Then we heard splash outside of the house. Callahan tried to look out of the window but didn’t get a good look. We went downstairs and I saw wet foot prints leading to terrace. Nothing there, we went outside and saw four children playing there. They turned towards us and shocked. Shivers went down on my spine when I looked behind me. Ghost of a old Baldardie was behind us. ”Meddling kids” he shouted and when after the children. Callahan shouted him to stop going after the kids and ghost stopped. Ghost tried to throw a brick to Callahan. Well my new axes didn’t help me at all…

This is a third time that I go unprepared to somewhere. Shape up John, shape up.. Whole night we were ghost hunting. All the encounters when through again and again. Girl on the field was a ghost too. A fire had occurred here and seems like that it had killed Balbardies and Harnets some time ago. And their should are restless wandering here to seek redemption. One point Callahan took a bad hit for a Pitchfork. Earlier he had gave me his ring, because all the hope were really lost at one point. I tried to pray for help to banish this evil ghost from this earth but no answer for me. Maybe I really should go to church more. Ghost vanished again and we had an idea that we should find old man Balbardie’s bones, burn and bury them. Jacob climber down to a well, because that might be the place where Old man Balbardie jumped when he was burning. (his face looked like he had really bad burn marks on his face). I was digging a grave at that point. We finally found the bones, burned them and buried them and seems like the ghost was gone. Next day Mr. Pierce showed up, we took papers to City Hall and done. Now I’m official house owner, our Lodge Master.

While I led rebuild of Balbardie House, Father Callahan gave redemption to last Harnet ghost on my property and now this place looks like it could be lived soon…


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