Rippers Resurrected: Collateral Evil

War journal of Father Callahan

First entry

As the Cabal rears its ugly head once more, I have decided to start writing a journal to chronicle our efforts in the war against the forces of darkness.

19th of June, 1903

By the order of Mrs. Harker, we were sent to Dorset. Our mission was to recruit a man known as Sir William Bankes to the Rippers. Apparently Sir William was somewhat of an adventurer and an amateur archaeologist. In addition, his financial backing of the Rippers could be substantial. Sir William had contacted our organization, expressing his interest in joining, so Mrs. Harker decided to sent us (Sir Vincent, Jacob, Mr. Hodge. Mr. Alcock and myself) to convince him to join.

We left London by train and come evening of the same day we arrived in Dorset. A wagon was waiting for us to take us to Sir William’s country estate, called Kingston Lacy. However, we were not the only guests Sir William had invited. He had thrown together a small weekend gathering, featuring some of most notable persons in Dorset. Present were colonel Armstrong Prothero, Chief Superintended Maxwell Puget of the Dorset Constabulary, Enrico Gambuccini, an Italian art collector, Jonathan Jellicoe, an up-and-coming politician and Omar Muhammed, an archaeologist from the University of Cairo.

The Friday evening was pleasant enough, we enjoyed a small supper so everyone had plenty time to get to know each other. I conversed a little with the other guests, trying to gauge their character. Most of them seemed harmless enough, but Mr. Mohammed was extremely skittish for some reason. Later that evening, we had a talk with Sir William about the Rippers. I explained to him what our organization was trying to achieve and what a life as a Ripper would entail. This didn’t seem to deter him from wanting to join. After our little talk, I retired for the evening.

20th of June, 1903

The most of Saturday was spent touring the mansion and its grounds and having dinner in the water gardens. Sir William had an ancient obelisk made out of black stone decorating the centre of his hedge maze. He told me that he had brought it over from Egypt. Originally it was a part of some heathen gods temple. As I mentioned before, around noon we had dinner in the water gardens. Unfortunately, things were about to take a turn for the worse.

After the dinner, we heard commotion coming from the mansion. We rushed to investigate and soon found Maxwell Puget brutally murdered in Mr. Gambuccini’s room. The Chief Superintendent was laying face down in a pool of his own blood. It appeared that he had been struck in the back of his head with a heavy, blunt object. Mr. Gambuccini was the first to discover the body, and for a while all the evidence pointed that he was also the murderer. But the evidence was a little too obvious and after a short interrogation, we came to believe that he had no reason to murder Mr. Puget. When Sir William learned what had transpired, he collected the other guests to the Game Room and tasked us with finding the murderer.

Initial investigations yielded nothing of value. No one really had a motive for the murder or they had a waterproof alibi. On top of all this, the murder weapon was missing. We assumed that it was a marble bust that was missing from a table in the second floor hallway. As we delved deeper in to the mystery, we found out that the murder took place in a lavatory right next to the Italian’s room and that someone carried the body of Mr. Puget back to Mr. Gambuccini’s room. It is most likely that whoever killed Mr. Puget, jumped him from behind in the bathroom and struck him in the head. Other evidence that we discovered during our investigation was a large, bloodstained shirt stuffed down a vase and Mr. Gambuccini’s bloodied shoes, thrown off of the balcony.

It was almost midnight and the other guests had already retreated back to their rooms after we had questioned them, when we heard the sound of glass shattering from downstairs.

20th/21st of June, 1903

The Cabal is here. They sent their disgusting proto-humans to kidnap Sir William and Mr. Jellicoe. But why, that I do not know. They attacked the mansion en masse, accompanied by shadowbeasts and led by a some kind of a cult leader. First, they knocked out Jacob, who was investigating the yard as they arrived. They sneaked in to the mansion, thinking everyone was asleep. Oh how wrong they were. We struck back with righteous fury, but unfortunately Sir Vincent was gravely wounded by the attackers. I barely managed to save him. As we drove the Cabal forces out in to the courtyard, they retreated towards the hedge maze with their hostages. Before we could dispatch all of the proto-humans, they murdered Mr. Jellicoe out of desperation.

Jacob, who had regained consciousness a moment earlier joined us in battle as we struck down the remaining Cabal minions. The cult leader, however, fled to the hedge maze under the cover of smoke. Moments later, an explosion shook the ground. The cult leader had blown himself up, along with the black obelisk. Then, everything was quiet again.

Shortly after the battle, the police were called. Two of the proto-humans were captured alive, but Alcock and Hodge couldn’t get anything useful out of them, so they were dispatched before the police arrived. Jacob escorted Sir Vincent to a hospital, as his wounds were still serious even though I had managed to keep him alive for now. When the police arrived, they naturally questioned everyone on the scene. I told them that the intruders had murdered Mr. Puget during the day in preparation for their nightly assault and that the main objective of these attackers seemed to be Sir William and Mr. Jellicoe.

That’s what I believed at the time. But lately, the case has been weighing in my mind. It is now obvious that the Cabal had someone on the inside, perhaps one of the servants, who committed the murder. But why? What was their real objective? Why did they destroy the obelisk? I am afraid that these are questions that will remain unanswered for now. Also, the near constant jumpiness of Mr. Muhammed was odd. It was like he was afraid of something. Perhaps he was the Cabal insider and was afraid that someone would recognize him. Perhaps Mr. Puget did know who he was and was murdered for that. The proto-humans did speak Arabic and Mr. Muhammed was from Cairo…

Though this is purely speculation (for now) it is good to keep it in mind.

Father Callahan


Havu Ridge

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