Rippers Resurrected: Collateral Evil

War journal of Father Callahan, Part II

Second entry

The stakes are getting higher. Jack the Ripper is back and the Cabal and the Cult of Apep might be working together.

3rd of August, 1903

It’s been almost two weeks since Mr. Hodge foolishly (or perhaps under someone’s control) touched the animal spirit statue. The cleansing of the statue is going well enough and I believe Mr. Hodge is also only partly possessed by the statue spirit anymore. But I cannot falter until the statue has been completely cleansed along with Hodge. The purification process is taking it’s toll on me, I feel increasingly weak after every try, but I cannot give up.

4th of August, 1903

Today we received some very unwelcome guests at the lodge. Morris Talbot somehow found us. If it were up to me, I would have struck him (or it) down where he stood, but the others seemed strangely welcoming towards him. Talbot claimed he only wanted to talk, so we listened what that monster had to say. Apparently, there’s something going on in Poenari Castle in Romania. Something even he was scared about. Something to do with the Cult of Apep. According to him, the Cult is a bigger threat than we realize and may very well threaten the whole world.

A bit later, when Talbot and his lackey’s left the lodge grounds, we were in for another surprise. As we were standing around in the dining room, watching Talbot’s carriage drive away, someone sucker punched Jacob. The attacker was a bald man with a moustache. I remember seeing him around the lodge before, Patrick was his name I think. He and Jacob started trading blows in the dining room. I attempted to put an end to their fight and succeeded in restraining this Patrick. According to him, he and Jacob had some old grudges to settle and now they were even. Frankly, it is almost unthinkable that someone would attack a fellow Ripper and in their own lodge no less. After the situation had been defused. Mr. Hodge had yet another surprise in store for us.

Mrs. Harker had called us. She wanted us to travel to Paris and make contact with the Rosicrusians hiding there and try to bring them back to the fold. Mrs. Harker fears that the Cabal may try to recruit the Rosicrusians to their side. Needless to say, I am strongly against bringing the Rosicrusians back to the Rippers, but I don’t know if we can afford to make them our enemy now that Jack is back. Personally, I wouldn’t mind though if they decided to join the Cabal, we can wipe them both out with a single strike.

We would depart for France on the 7th. After Paris, we planned to head to Romania to check out if Talbot was telling the truth.

6th of August, 1903

A day before we depart, I decided to try to cleanse the statue and Mr. Hodge for one last time. As the sun began to set, me and Mr. Hodge went to the chapel. I placed the cursed statue to the altar and began the purification process. As before, hours went by and nothing seemed to happen. Then, suddenly Mr. Hodge fainted, the braziers went out and a violent wind started howling through the lodges hallways. The statue howled in pain as I exorcised the spirit from this world. I had won, the statue was finally purified.

7th of August, 1903

Early in the morning, we left for London. There we boarded a ship bound for France. Despite the trying purification yesterday, I was feeling better than I had felt in weeks. Mr. Hodge seemed fine too. Same can’t be said about Mr. Logan, who decided it was a good idea to go and touch the purified statue. The amount of holy power that struck back at the man was nearly lethal. Fortunately, Alfred managed to stitch him up a bit. This further solidifies my theory that people with rippertech cannot touch holy artefacts, like I cannot touch cursed items.

It was afternoon when we arrived to the port city of Le Havre. From there on out, we travelled in our own wagons. The wagon ride through the French countryside was uneventful, so I had time to take in the sights. The only interference we experienced during our ride was Patrick, whom we for some reason decided to take along.

Late in the evening, we arrived to Paris. According to our instructions, we were to accommodate ourselves in a local Witch Hunter lodge. The lodge was located in the magnificent cathedral of Notre-Dame. I asked around the lodge if they knew anything about this particular group of Rosicrusians we were supposed to meet. Apparently, they were a secretive bunch who mostly kept to themselves and as far as the Witch Hunters knew, hadn’t caused any trouble.

It is getting late and who knows what will happen tomorrow at our meeting so I will retire for the night. The meeting place is supposed to be a restaurant called Champs-Élysées. At least it is a pretty public place, so I doubt the Cabal or the mages dare to try anything, I’d better still be careful and wear at least the tabard I took with me from our reliquary.


Havu Ridge

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