Rippers Resurrected: Collateral Evil

Part 2, Takes from the Journal of John Hodge

Kidnapping and real estate markets

Session 3&4, Back in England

We arrived back to England and instantly at the docks we got message from Mr. Pierce, our benefactor, that he had found us spots to start our own lodge. All we had to do is to go check them up. Also Sir Vincent got invitation from Professor Harmsworth that he wants to see us and hear all about our trip to Africa. We planned to go see him after a week.

Back in Africa we skinned Old Leopold and I went to hire a tailor to make me a duster out of his skin. It was expensive but our pay was 100£ (+25 extra from diamonds we gathered for the mines) for the job there. I also gave 15£ to my adoptive parents as well as helped them for the week. I own that to them. Even thou they had no reason at all to take care of me they did…

Week went by and we went to see Professor at the university. There we had dinner and we told him about our trip. Suddenly lights turned off (at this point it could bee good to mention that they had electric lights at the university). Also I and Father Callahan heard glass breaking in another room. So we all, including Professor went to investigate. We found a broken window and some burglars. They started to ran and so did we. We chase them through the rooms and two of them fell out of the window. I grappled one of the burglars and pinned him on group. Others escaped, they jumped off to Thames. When we went back to a room where this all started Professor had disappeared. After questioning one of the burglars he told us that their leader Freddie Marchant was behind all of this and it was supposed to be look a like burglary. They had kidnapped the professor. Then something unpredictable happened and burglar bite off his tongue and he choked to his own blood. Overreacting much?. Well we had a name and some clues that Jacob had snatch from the scene before police arrived.

Clues and good investigation by Jacob led us to Limehouse, to this Chinese game house and opium den. It was our only clue so we had to take the risk. We disguised our self to look more like a rookie gamblers so we could blend in better. There Father Callahan spotted this gaming table with no players on it. People walked there and pressed eye of this dragon statue that opened a door. We all went there and behind that, there was opium den. As host lead us to a booth we overheard a conversation that said; ”Those are the guys from the university”. Group of burglars started to head towards the back door and so did we. There we saw that some of the burglars carried Professor to back door. After a short fight Jacob and I went out and saw carriage leaving. We started to chase it and just as I almost hit the driver they got away. I followed the tracks with Jacob and we found out that tracks leads straight to East – India Trading company docks…

Same information was given to Father Callahan and Sir Vincent back at opium den. They found me in the docks were I had asked local bum about the docks. He said that there were hounds outside at the night. Well the first thought was that they had guard dogs at the docks… Guess again…
We heard gun shots for the distance and then we found carriages at the docks. There were bodies torn to pieces and then we heard howling.

Shadowy hound was up on a crates. Hound that Cabal used to summoning to their aid. Cabal, this thing is getting more and more complex as it goes on. Well it was really hard for all of as to do anything about it. Normal weapons doesn’t do anything for it. Even Father Callahan’s sword didn’t seem to have effect. As my mind swirl around rage I got an idea. I went to a carriage, brush my sword on a lamp oil and lighted it up. It scare the beast for sure, and almost looked like it might have some effect against it but still no. As my eyes started to blur on rage a bright lights stroked down to a beast and it vanished. I calm my mind and we took professor and get quickly out of there. If Company wanted Professor, it would not be the best to show them that we saved him.

Next morning professor woke up and he really was in a rush to get back to see what was stolen. He really wasn’t that worry about his kidnapping. Not at all… I shadowed professor for a while but he saw me.
It was still a mystery why professor was kidnapped. Was it the Cabal? Was is the Company? What else could it be? And why?. Professor was really sure that he is fine. But why? He was just kidnapped and he was been carried to Company Docks. If the Company wants him they could do same thing again another night. Also it was strange that we were there at the same time. Like someone knew that we were there and this all really was just for us. Could it really be that Professor himself was behind all of this and he is part of the Cabal. After all, beast didn’t hurt him, beast really had its chances, it was standing on a professor at the carriages. All he wanted to do is to test what we are capable of??

We started to look out our lodge spots. As we requested that it should be somewhere away from the city Mr. Pierce got us three good ones. Blackwood Manor, Balbardie House and Latimer House.
We started with Balbardie House. Normally when civilians looks to buy real estate they don’t look how easy it is to defend, how close neighbors are etc. Well those where our priorities. Balbardie house was in a bad condition, but it was best for us. We told Mr. Pierce that this is the one and I sing the papers. Seems like I’m a house owner now. There was this small print that buyer had to spent night at the house before it is legal and it needed two witnesses. So we did that, well Jacob, Father Callahan and I. Sir Vincent had to go his fathers funeral, god rest his soul, which he hasn’t told about us.

Evening started well. Then I heard child’s laugh upstairs. I went upstairs with Father Callahan while Jacob looked around outside the house. Callahan shouted that who ever is here, should show up. There is new owner for the house and this is not safe place to being almost a ruin. A little boy showed up. Boy said he was one of the Harnets that used to serve Balbardies when the house was in its full glory. Like the girl Sir Vincent saw on the fields when we first was here. Callahan told the boy that it is better that he goes home. When boy was leaving I asked him was there anyone else. He said that his friends… That really gave me the creeps already. Then we heard splash outside of the house. Callahan tried to look out of the window but didn’t get a good look. We went downstairs and I saw wet foot prints leading to terrace. Nothing there, we went outside and saw four children playing there. They turned towards us and shocked. Shivers went down on my spine when I looked behind me. Ghost of a old Baldardie was behind us. ”Meddling kids” he shouted and when after the children. Callahan shouted him to stop going after the kids and ghost stopped. Ghost tried to throw a brick to Callahan. Well my new axes didn’t help me at all…

This is a third time that I go unprepared to somewhere. Shape up John, shape up.. Whole night we were ghost hunting. All the encounters when through again and again. Girl on the field was a ghost too. A fire had occurred here and seems like that it had killed Balbardies and Harnets some time ago. And their should are restless wandering here to seek redemption. One point Callahan took a bad hit for a Pitchfork. Earlier he had gave me his ring, because all the hope were really lost at one point. I tried to pray for help to banish this evil ghost from this earth but no answer for me. Maybe I really should go to church more. Ghost vanished again and we had an idea that we should find old man Balbardie’s bones, burn and bury them. Jacob climber down to a well, because that might be the place where Old man Balbardie jumped when he was burning. (his face looked like he had really bad burn marks on his face). I was digging a grave at that point. We finally found the bones, burned them and buried them and seems like the ghost was gone. Next day Mr. Pierce showed up, we took papers to City Hall and done. Now I’m official house owner, our Lodge Master.

While I led rebuild of Balbardie House, Father Callahan gave redemption to last Harnet ghost on my property and now this place looks like it could be lived soon…


Havu stemetriz

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