Rippers Resurrected: Collateral Evil

Presenting Patrick

Hello wankers!

I’m finally home in dear fucking England! So I hit the bottle and went a bit wild.

After sobering in one of the van Helsing mansion cells I got orders to travel to another bloody lodge. Almost as they didn’t want me hanging around!

So I travelled to this new lodge by the sea. It seems that all the other nutters have also been moved here. Explosions on the field, priest praying loud as fuck, hellish screaming in the middle of nights, fully armed guests… I like it, no love it!

But the best bloody thing happened! That minger demon negro came here! It must have been fucking fate! And I beat the shit out of him! The bugger dropped after few punches. I was just warming up. Hah! I hit so fucking hard that the whole room was blinded! Haha, Patrick is the best! Fuck you all!

And now we are leaving to fucking Paris. Hey strumpets, hookers, prostitutes, Paddy is coming for ye!


Havu Petri

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