Rippers Resurrected: Collateral Evil

Part 5, Takes from the Journal of John Hodge

A murder you say?

I had to leave in the concert early because Joshua got some seizures. I talked a long while for this Mr. Talbot. He owns some shipyards and seems like a businessman I could do some deals in the future.

I was almost in a sleep when I heard knocking on the door. I went to see who is there and it was Father Callahan. He told me that everything is not what it seems and Mr. Talbot knew that we where at the Dover. He owns the mansion and was very aware who lived there. He has also told us that if we do anything hesitated it would be a shame if civilians got hurt. I tried to convince my parents to move to the lodge for awhile but they prefer to stay here in London. Just in case I hired some guards near their shop.

We did some research about Mr. Talbot and seems like he has just rise his empire from nothing very quickly. He owns some shipyard and steel factories and sells steel for the Crown. He also owns some land in Dover and some logistic companies. Others were pretty sure that he got some rippertech in him as well. Some of us had spotted surgical scars on him. But they were very well hidden or very well made. Almost like a Dr. Frankenstein himself had but him together.

We planned to do nothing hesitated and Mina Harker got us a mission. We had to go to Dorset to convince William Banks to start funding rippers. We had some downtime before that and that time was a interesting one…

This girl Rose that I hired as a maid in the lodge was working to Sir Vincent. She knew about rippers and well she could be working on the lodge just fine. Sir Vincent didn’t think that though. He tried to convince Rose to come back to work for him at his own new estate. Well, we both told Rose that this is her own decision but she decided to stay in the lodge for now. She wished me to get more workers there so she could have some company while I’m gone. I tried to ask Sir Vincent to give some input for out lodge but all he could offer me is to just get workers that I had to pay for my own pocket…
His input for the lodge is near to nothing and I’m really starting to think that maybe he is not right person to be on our team. All he cares about is his status and that he is comfortable. Me, Father Callahan, Jacob, Joshua or Mr. Alcock could make a really good team and good lodge for others to join but this pretentious snob that couldn’t care less about our efforts is just pain in the ass. I’m trying my hardest here to start what we planned a long time ago, but simply we could really use another benefactor for this cause.
I really used to admire Sir Vincent a while back. And he has taught me a lot. Where did that man go, who was ready to get his hands dirty and lead us? Maybe it is time for me to start filling those boots and he could be our face and motivator.

We arrived to the Kingston Layce estate. Our mission was to convince Sir William Banks to start funding rippers. We all needed some other excuse to be here though. There were other guests as well. We spend some time, socialized and talked about business. At one point Sir William took us to the side to talk about rippers and what we do. Father Callahan and Sir Vincent told the good things. If that wasn’t enough I saw that Jacob had something to say as well and I was ready to back him up about the ugly side of our organization. Gladly we didn’t have to go for that.

On the next day after lunch we heard some noise coming from the front door. Something had happened and yeah. A Murder… We found chief supervisor of the Dorset police dead in the room. Not his own though. We started to investigate, while Sir Vincent tried to keep other guests calm and maybe to create some profiles about them. Jacob hide himself to be one of the servants here. After a long while we had some evidence to make a case out of it. He was murdered in the bathroom with a two hits from behind at the head with a blunt objective. Most likely old Egyptian statue that was missing on the hallway. Then he was dragged to the room and left there. There were shoe prints on the blood but no blood tracks from them so that was staged. Then murdered went to the bathroom to clear the blood from there as best as he could and then he dumped his shirt on the vase in the corridor. We were clueless who the murdered what. Italian guy wasn’t even though the corpse was in his room. As we think who the murder was we heard multiple windows crashing down stairs…


Havu stemetriz

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