Rippers Resurrected: Collateral Evil

Alcock's notes part 2

Titanic ray

After the encounter with vampires and other shadow beings I started to design some sort of light that could injure them. As we know, the vampires are injured in daylight. But it is not the light itself that injures them – because normal artificial light sources do not hurt them. There is something more in daylight.

When studying the matter I concluded that the answer lies in the chemical rays – also known as titanic rays. The titanic rays are most potent at 250 nm – the effect of rays on sterilising bacteria has been known for decades. So re-designing and tweaking a mercury-vapor gas discharge lamp should give some interesting results…

By mixing and stimulating different gasses with electricity and applying high pressure I managed to get sharp beam of light. Krypton and fluorine gasses gives the best result – although the beam itself is mostly invisible for human eyes.

In theory: if I overload and alter the beam’s coherence length, it should have interesting cutting abilities!

In my opinion, the hardest part of this experiment is to create appropriate goggles and other protective gear. The light is harmful to all living things and the most dangerous part is what you cannot see. I experimented with some rats from the basement. Even a short exposure to rays caused serious sunburns. I have to tweak the ray so it is not dangerous all the time. Otherwise it is useless as a light source.

The power source is much easier task. I had previous plans about a rechargeable battery that uses nickel and cadmium electrodes in a potassium hydroxide solution. It will give enough charges for fighting purposes.

…After careful consideration I have concluded that the lighting ability has to be suppressed for now. It is too hazardous for me and my fellow companions. I have to redesign the entire headpiece for that…



Havu Petri

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