Rippers Resurrected: Collateral Evil

Alcock's notes

Alcock's Magnificent Glacial Chiller

Various formulas and math markings

Viorel Lungu’s work with gasses is astonishing! But I think I can do even better.


I have to move my work to another the lodge. This travelling interrupts badly my tests!

Finally some peace.


…By combining various gasses I can instant freeze practically anything! Only problem is these gasses are volatile and fairly toxic…

I have succeeded with the insulation and triggering mechanism. Now I have to make sure the tank does not blow up…

Rooms temperature is freezing. I have to keep some heat source here even if it is dangerous.


Seems like the others do not appreciate that I turned my room upstairs into cold storage. They insisted that I move my laboratory in the cellar. They clearly do not understand how important ventilation is if they want to stay alive.

Luckily mr Jakob is willing to help moving my research materials to cellar. We got an invitation to London so making laboratory safe will have to wait. I hope nobody wanders there while I am gone.



Havu Petri

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