Rippers Resurrected: Collateral Evil

Alcock's journal 4

An unexpected visit

I think I have finally tackled the lighting problem with my titanic ray. I needed to adjust the wavelength and design a head piece that could switch between invisible cutting beam and visible light. After hours of exposure you still might get sunburns. On the other hand, light is very bright and my battery solution gives a long lighting time.

I was interrupted by some shady carriage that rolled to our courtyard. I did not quite spy who was our quest but after seeing some heavy weaponry decided to stay hidden inside the workshop. Mystery guest did not stay long and I startled when he step on our porch: Mr Talbot! I was able to breathe again when I saw father Callahan unharmed coming after him. I still dared not come out before the heinous company was gone.

In a half way to lodge house I saw a blinding flash coming from the library. My first thought was mr. Talbot had left a bomb. I rushed in and found father Callahan giving a tirade to some bald fellow who introduced himself simply as Patrick. Jacob was bashed up quite badly. The flash was Callahan’s handiwork. It was not difficult to figure out what had happened – only question was why. Turns out Patrick and Jacob had some kind of row in past and this settled it.

It appears mr Talbot came to visit just to deliver a message. Something is going on in Romania in the castle of Poenari. Alas coming to our lodge in bright daylight Talbot declared that he knows where to find us and where to hit us hard.

Mr Hodge received a call from the van Helsing mansion and we got orders to travel to Paris in a few days. We are going to negotiate with Rosicrucians. Rippers will need their help if we are going to survive Jack the Ripper’s resurrection. I’ll bet our priest will be scowling the whole trip.

Back to the workshop! Grenades are surprisingly easy to make, so I produced a few more. Jacob seemed excited when I introduced the explosives for him. I swear I even saw a hint of smile on his stoic face.


Havu Petri

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