Rippers Resurrected: Collateral Evil

Alcock's journal 3

Jack is back

I think it is time to admit that Jack the Ripper has come back from the dead. We encountered him in London. I saw only Jack’s back when he run away with inhuman speed. So how I know it was him? I saw his handy work: Father Callahan had been nearly sliced in half with a single cut. Thank God he survived.

Father Callahan was hospitalised. Myself and the others tried to get grasp of the situation. We investigated the whole scene but got only a list of random names. We regrouped at the Helsing manor and figured what to do next.

During the fight Logan had seen a snake tattoo in Jack’s neck. It turned out a symbol of ancient Egyptian god or demon Apep. We must investigate this further.

The next day father Callahan was magically healed and claimed that he had a conversation with mr. Talbot who apparently left a magic pouch to him. It sounded like morphine dream – but on the other hand – the healing process was miraculously quick. Well, he is a holy man.

We decided to return to our lodge and prepare for the future. In my opinion we needed more firepower and I started to design high explosive grenades.

Doing science in this lodge is not easy. I was continually disrupted either by father Callahan, servants or mr. Hodge. At some point father Callahan found mr. Hodge unconscious holding the cursed figure. Yes, this is how retarded these people are! I had to help carry mr. Hodge to upstairs were father Callahan tried to revive him. Mr Hodge’s eyes seemed badly damaged.

Next time I went to see them I found mr. Hodges tied to a bed half naked and father Callahan yelling at him – and maybe beating him? I assumed that they needed privacy so I left and asked dear Rose to fetch them some tea.

After that I had to move my experiments to workshop outside. Father Callahan’s chanting in the chapel was driving me crazy. Mr. Hodge and father Callahan have spend days in there.
Sometimes the chapel strangely heats up so I have to readjust the temperature controls for the cold storage.

At the workshop I had good success with the explosives. The basic principle for grenade is fairly simple: a timed detonator with explosives. My design was a pull cord that runs down the hollow handle from the detonator within the explosive head, ending in a porcelain ball hold in place by a detachable base closing cap. To use the grenade, the base cap has to be unscrewed, so the ball and cord fall out. Pulling the cord drags a roughened steel rod through the igniter, causing it to spark which starts the five-second fuse. Rest is simple: throw the grenade and cover yourself.

Few of these lovely bombs are ready. If I can get more materials I think can make much more!


Havu Petri

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