Rippers Resurrected: Collateral Evil

Alcock's journal 2

Gruesome deaths

How can a man make science if he is constantly being interrupted with menial things? My dear fellows were stuck with their investigation of some angry spirits killing corpulent men in the evenings. I suggested that they should look someone wealthy and influential how matches the profile.

Well, long story short: we found the man and his child had a cursed statue in his possession. While sir Lockwood was distracting the man, I removed the statue from the house. After that we took the statue to our lodge. Father Callahan prayed quite long

I almost forgot: We got reinforcement from Germany: an ugly bastard with nasty habits. Seems quite bright though. Helped me with my titanic ray umbrella modification.

Just when I hoped to get back to do something meaningful – bunch of police officers arrested us and took us back to London. Their interrogation was purposeless and – after wasting few hours – we were escorted to the latest Jack the Ripper scene. The gruesome murder victim was no other than sir Jonathan Harker.

The murderer might had lured sir Harker to the alley with a note that had mine and my fellows names on it. I am not sure if a man with his status would had fallen for such easy trick. Nevertheless after investigation I immediately traveled to lady Harker with grave news. Death of sir Harker was a terrible blow all rippers but to his wife… only those who have lost their spouses can truly understand the deepness of the grief.

Shortly after we got news about a second killing. This time the victim was a very old woman. Couple of things got our attention: she had been killed with surgical precision and some intestines were removed. She was a daughter of Frankenstein. Again Frankenstein! This cannot be a coincidence!

After investigating victims house we were a bit confused. Killing seemed totally random. If the woman were not related to Frankenstein, this would be classified just an act of a madman.

My conclusion is that there must be at least two different killers on the loose…


Havu Petri

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